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mikhou OMOB log

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Posted 23 October 2017 - 05:44 PM

Wow, it's really impressive how much planning you did. I almost only plan a cycle or two in advance.


I was wondering how you designed it. Because it seems to that you're trying to improve a lot of different things at the same time. I don't know your work capacity so I can't really say, but usually TB protocol are design to choose between long E or more shorter HIC. They do a base building like you did, to improve the E component and after that we move to Black or Green but you seem to have mixed them together. 


I'm interested in learning more to program my workouts so is there any principle you followed so I could understand more  ?


I saw that you did half marathon, so you would be more a Green Protocol, so less HIC and more E and SE. I leaning more to a Black because I want to improve on my 5k. But I'm always interested to learn more about designing program, so I'm looking forward to know more about it.

Principles? I'm shooting in the dark. And I will take no credit for any of the programming that I've mashed together :D


Long term goal is to get stronger and faster. I really enjoy omob and the different ways I can run through it so I wanted to keep that mostly intact. I started paying more attention to the tbII book after all the discussion here, and decided I wanted to implement more conditioning and endurance work into my training. The base building template doesn't make time for a dedicated strength day so I made an 8 day week and gave myself a strength day. Same kind of idea with the continuation weeks. I wanted to keep as much of the Green protocol in place, but if you take something out to add something you lose too much. By adding a couple days to the rotation I gain more. It's a long term blue print. I have lots of flexibility to go back in and change things around. And lots of flexibility to incorporate a little bit from all engines to be more rounded. Just today I'm seriously considering bumping everything and starting the rotation at the beginning because I've missed so many of the endurance workouts which were the whole point of doing all the work planning in the first place.


Jerred has a couple youtube videos out about how he tries to program. These are worth checking out if you're interested. I'm not a true programmer. Just cherry picking and experimenting on my own. Have to give full credit to eo3 and tb for putting the material out there that gives me the ability to play.

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Posted 23 October 2017 - 09:36 PM

I see. I'll follow your log to see the details.

I'll also look at the video you're talking about.

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