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How do you progress

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Posted 25 October 2017 - 09:10 PM

How do you guys add weight between cycles?

I have some ideas but would like to know what's the best plan.

Do you retest every time? (doesn't seem optimal)

Doing a joker set on the last set of the last workout and use a calculator to estimate it.

Force progression with 5 or 10 pounds increase. (what would be best? 5 for upper body 10 for lower or something like 2.5 and 5)

Keep the same numbers for a couple of cycles then retest. (it's a little bit less encouraging because we don't see how we progress)

Doing a cycle of v1 then v2 then retest?

I would say that I don't like using a true max. That day I have to be in top shape for it to work and it's easier to get injured that way. I prefer using a calculator and estimate it because I don't compete and as long as I progress it's fine. As you guessed, I used the V1 because of the training max like in 531 or TB.
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Posted 25 October 2017 - 09:59 PM

I agree. After a couple cycles of v2 I'm going back to v1. V2 is fine for the first 2 weeks, but that third week can be discouraging. I will run a cycle of v1, and then add 5% to each lift for the next cycle. If you do the same for a third cycle you will either match or beat your previously tested 1rm. If you match 1rm reset using the same weight you started with. If you beat 1rm reset using your new training max. This way you will see continual progress either as quantity (1rm increase) or quality (form and muscle endurance improves). Don't underestimate quality progress.


I figured the easiest way to keep track is to build a spreadsheet and plan 3 months ahead. https://www.dropbox....21/V1.xlsx?dl=0

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Practice the basics as if they were advanced. That's the key to advancing

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Posted 26 October 2017 - 02:49 PM

My Dad always said, "There is more than one way to skin a cat."  As I apply this saying to myself, I keep in mind that each situation is unique. ( Captain obvious, right? lol)  Sooo many factors involved in each decision.


I feel that a true 1RM is key with OMOB. How strong we feel on a certain day and why we might feel that way are part of the game. Version 2 is a mind game. I've established 1RM's and added 5lbs and started a cycle and made new PR's while  other cycles Ive failed. Sometimes I DONT add 5lbs and fail on week 3. Sometimes I dont add 5lbs and go for another set, adding five 5lbs and make it, sometimes not. The whole time questing everything along the way. For me, Version 2 is a mind game. I'm either cementing in an established level or trying to beat it.


The end result is always riddled with questions like:


Did I get better/worse sleep this cycle?

How did the stress of life and survival effect me?


Adjustments to form/breathing/accessory work/conditioning ...etc.


Then, I switch to V1 and everything feels light, and life does its thing, and in a few cycles i bang out another 1RM and back to the start line it seems. Its my guess that you have much more experience weight training than I do, so please keep that in mind. I really only have experience with OMOB. Our goals are unique to each of us with certain principals applying to all.


My 2 cents....

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