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back work?

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#1 russwoody


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Posted 22 November 2017 - 12:10 PM

Hi all,


Whilst doing wendlers 531 i started getting a few niggles - specifically neck and shoulder. 


I visited an osteopath, we got it sorted albeit when looking at the program he noted there was a lack of direct back work. Fundamentally, horizontal pulling as opposed to vertical.


He mentioned that these days, because of sedentary lifestyles, we should be throwing in back work at a minimum of 3:1 ratio to chest. This ensures shoulders are kept back and down.


So with OMOB - I am finding, whilst i have made great progress in the lifts, i am getting these niggles again and finding it hard to program in back as well as conditioning...


I am not entirely sure what i am asking for gents, but maybe seeing if anyone has noted a lack of back work? Or, maybe you have programmed it in sufficiently...


A couple of weeks back i threw in a cable pull EMOM session, which was fun. 





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#2 Pops


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Posted 22 November 2017 - 12:40 PM

Hmm. I’m not a doctor nor a programmer but I did drink a couple of very smooth Modelos last night and I now feel empowered to impart my lack of wisdom & knowledge to everyone in a confident manner.

I’m not sure about a 3:1 ratio nor the practicality of that application. Rather than breaking it down from a body part standpoint, I HAVE heard/seen a great emphasis to break it down by exercise “type”, I.e., push/pull.
Pulls would include deadlifts (rack pulls), rows of all various & sundry types, and pull ups/chin ups.

As best as I can recall through my lime & salt tinged fog that most call “memories”, Wendler & Rippetoe have more or less seem to emphasize a push with a pull.
Maybe if you feel a particular imbalance, you might target it with some light accessory work. Light enough so as not to zap the juju juice you need for the major lifts.

If that doesn’t work, buy your sawbones some modelo & tell him to leave you the fuck alone.
Good luck.
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#3 russwoody


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Posted 22 November 2017 - 01:26 PM

I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted in terms of an answer but, it couldn't possible get any better than that!
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#4 danduerksen


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Posted 22 November 2017 - 06:28 PM

Pops wisdom at it's finest.


In my experience (2 major back strains and numerous minor back/neck tweaks) any "niggle" can be traced to an imbalance. Maybe your hips are out. Maybe your IT band on the right side is tighter than on the left. You might be compensating for an old injury that didn't heal properly. Build up of deep scar tissue in the legs. A twisted facet joint. Chronic poor posture. Seldom is a "niggle" caused by an actual lack of strength.


I've been seeing a chiro/pt/all round good guy about keeping my back in check. The guy I saw after an injury last year wasn't interested in keeping up with maintenance and I was starting to feel the general aches of wear and tear. Right away the new doc noted and proved to me I had a significant slant to the right which could have been the cause of the initial injury and any subsequent feeling of unease. I trusted him to set me straight (pun intended), and I listen very carefully when he talks about back health. He's big on stretching and keeping the back tall. He's reinforced my use of the squat for hip balance and stretching, and has suggested incorporating a hip hinge with forward reach. He's big on planks and supermans, and last visit recommended an ab wheel. Movements that force you to elongate the core, which forces muscle involvement for stability. Posture is practiced. If you sit at a desk with a hunch in your shoulders it's hard to work that out by only doing dedicated backwork.


With omob I've never felt the lack of dedicated back work. I use deadlifts, squat, press, bench, the occasional power clean, and power snatches for warmups. I'm a fan of supersetting chin-ups (for more bicep), and push-ups. Adding the kb swing really hits the back and conditions all the areas required for good back health. Don't know if you really need anything else. I'm not sure how that 3:1 ratio would work. Yes, if you want to improve in a specific area you have to increase the time you spend working on that area. But you also have to make sure you don't leave other areas behind...

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#5 Poppy G

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Posted 22 November 2017 - 07:46 PM

I agree with the yanks.

3 to 1 ? would see a bit over doing it.

Squat the bar is on your back. DL you hit your back. Bench you tighten your back.


Throw in some ring rows or inverted rows as a superset to bench. Some wide grip pull ups to the deadLift. Ohp day do some rear delt flys. Some roll outs with a ab wheel of fall outs with rings.

Thats hitting your back 4 different ways once with every main Lift.


Db rows can be thrown in on DL day.

I got to say this mate. I hardly ever/never do isolated work for my back apart from whats stated above and my back is in my opinion too big...

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#6 Stu


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Posted 07 December 2017 - 07:39 PM

See what I mean? The SOF of E03, right here.


And now, the court jester remarks :)


Kelly Starrett set me straight with posture. I check it dozens of times throughout the day. Check it out. I believe his little quick self check has helped me as much as anything.


Of course, I always say, if too many people believed like me, the world would be in flames, lol.

Sua Sponte ! Now Get off my lawn ! :angry:

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