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Programming Intervention

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#1 Burl Hardy

Burl Hardy


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Posted 06 December 2015 - 04:07 PM

Crew... I need help...


I prefer to think that I’m not a moron, but I’m a little confused about programming posts over the past few weeks/months. 


I stopped getting the Daily WODs by email around March, but I didn’t stress because they were posted. And then at some point this summer, it seemed like there were delays posting the WODs or days that skipped that weren’t intended to be rest days. And now I see it’s been weeks since a daily WOD has been posted. I checked the boards and didn’t see any posts about the issue. So, I moved on. Instead of posting that question myself, I just got fussy and went looking for programming elsewhere. That was pretty stupid on my part. A few weeks ago I moved my gear from the garage to the basement… It’s Wisconsin and honestly my biggest concern is damaging my bumpers by dropping frozen weights. Anyway, I remember one of Jerred’s posts about Crossfit making you weaker and decided that I’d do 5/3/1 this winter because there are a million of free calculators available. And the box I used to belong to specifically uses Wendler and met cons, so I knew I could find condition WODs. It solved the problem of me totally overthinking programming, but their site is not very searchable. So, after a few cycles and frustration over programming met cons and/or accessory work I decided I needed to go back to EO3 and get to the bottom of the WOD posts.


If you’re still with me, I appreciate you and your patience.


To be fair, I’ve been thinking about OMOB for a few years after I found EO3 because of the DIY projects. I just couldn’t justify the purchase because I was finding so much programming online and the daily WODS for FREE… I know, I’m pathetic… I didn’t apply for Accelerate or Garage Gym Athlete, because I never felt like I was strong enough to participate. I also choose not to let myself get stress out by training, so I have finally allowed my training schedule to weave into the rest of the families activity schedule. So, I wasn’t going to give accurate data and I didn’t think that was fair. Just more justification/rationalizations, I know.


This brings us back to real time. I’m on the email list, follow on social media, and subscribe to the podcast. Why was I fighting the EO3 pull? Last week I went back to the boards, the articles, and my emails. For the life of me,  I just couldn’t find any mention about why the Daily WODs aren’t posted anymore. I decided I was going to purchase OMOB, but then I read the posts about the update horror stories from July. Then I found an email from Jerred that OMOB wasn’t going to be updated anymore and now there is a separate barbell program. I was intrigued by this because it looks like the BB met cons that I love about Crossfit, but I could only find that link in the email not on EO3. Then I was even more confused because I have the WOD tracker now and the descriptions about 10,000 workouts from the barbell program and excel make it seem like the same thing.


This is what I don’t understand.  We have OMOB and One Barbell and the Barbell Programmer. Did I just get everything twisted here? Are programs being phased out? Should I still start with OMOB? I’ve gone back and listened to the clips and videos and read Jerred’s articles and this is what I perceive. OMOB is still the main strength program, not conditioning. For the conditioning we add the Barbell Programmer.

I still need OMOB right?


Again, thank you to anyone who reads this and comments. And again, I'm not trying to be dense, I'm just a little overwhelmed. That said, I’ve learned my lesson and after a few poor choices, I’m ready to fully commit to EO3.

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#2 Pops


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Posted 06 December 2015 - 09:15 PM

Don't be too hard on yourself. It's seems to be an ever evolving hot mess at times.

I read something not too long ago that he's about to streamline things a bit. I do know that The daily WOD's have been scrapped & "moved" to Garage Gym Athlete. I think that's where most of his focus is now. It's about $50 a month & sounds awesome.

If monthly payments aren't in your budget, like some of us, then check out OMOB. It (was/is?) a one time fee. Pretty inexpensive. You'll get the whole lowdown. Basically it's a super simple, time efficient way to program strength into your workouts. If you have no other conditioning, or even if you do, you also get the 15 minute randomized workouts from the barbell programmer.

Jump in. All ages here. All fitness levels. All different interests & goals.

Start a log. We'll leave the light on for you
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#3 Stu


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Posted 07 December 2015 - 01:24 AM

I've never worked another program outside of OMOB so take whatever I say with an extra grain of salt . Like Pops said , its quick simple and effective . Crazy and dedicated bunch here at EO3 . Go for it ! I wish I could tell you about the other things going on around here but my cup runneth over as it is . I've been working this thing for a year now getting much stronger and applying whatever conditioning fits my ever evolving goals .


Go for it !

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Posted 07 December 2015 - 04:06 PM

So here's my take if I understand you correctly; I can't comment on Eo3 programming though.  I really respect Jerred's approach and programming, I'm just personally not using it so I don't know what direction he's heading.


1) You're looking for a compliment to your strength training - if that's the case, do OMOB, the EMOM and then whatever the barbell hopper craps out.  That's super easy, compliments the heavy stuff well and is diverse enough to keep your attention.  Regardless if OMOB never gets an update, the model is timeless.  




2) You want more of a Crossfit feel - then I would recommend finding a box that uses Wendler 5/3/1 and programs a metcon and jump on that.  I currently follow CF Concrete Jungle - I hit my Wendler lift, I add in my own accessories based on weaknesses I'm shoring up and then slam the metcon they have programmed.  


Bottom line - don't make a science project out of it.  Pick a strength program, they will work if you stick to them.   5X5, OMOB, 5/3/1, Greyskull, Westside - experiment until you find a program that fits your timing.  OMOB and 5/3/1 are quick and effective.  Then stick with it - 


Here's my situation - I'm up at 4:30AM - hit my preworkout and coffee - warming up by 5:00 and hitting 5/3/1, then accessory, then CF Concrete Jungle WOD.  If you look at my logs you will see all kinds of other stuff but the strength training part of it never leaves.  Done by 6:15 and back in the house as family starts to get up.  Yep - freezing my arse in WI cold - I've gotten used to it now.....


Hope this helps

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#5 Jumper


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Posted 08 December 2015 - 02:38 AM

Hey mate. Relax. We are here to help!

Ideally you want to run a strength programme. Omob is fantastic, and I do recommend it. But any programme will get results, if you stick to it. 5/3/1 is highly regarded.
I wouldn't worry about omob not being updated - for what you get it is extremely thorough...and there is basic conditioning attached, and also the new barbell hopper, which randomises a metcon for you. There is some good reading in there and plenty of variations.
I haven't regretted my purchase, put it that way.

Vidas right, just stick to a programme. Choose your lifts, and give it death.

I ran the accelerate programme too earlier this year. That was a great 12 week programme, albeit more expensive than the one off purchase of omob. Loved it.

I have not tried the garage gym athlete. That has an ongoing cost attached I believe. But if it's anything like the other programmes Jerred has produced, it'll be fantastic.

From memory the posted wods have now been kinda merged into the garage gym athlete side of things, but I believe the old wods will still be available to see on the website.

But if you require more variety, as mentioned, plenty of cf websites post their wods. I've pinched a few from all over.

Not only that, but the good folk here at the rally point post a super wod every month! Get other to The Do Point, get stuck in, and try to keep smiling as the pain kicks in!
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#6 Dragonslee



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Posted 08 December 2015 - 11:01 AM

I'll add that Jerred is doing a great thing here. I bought his OMOB program and tried it out but at the time was still building out my garage gym. I also bought the Accelerate program but couldn't finish due to a shoulder issue that cropped up so I am concerned about re-doing it.


Also due to the inconsistency of the daily WOD being posted on E03 I decided to find something else and signed up for Norcal Strength and Conditioning intermediate program. I have been working my way through that and am a few months behind but would consider coming back to Eo3 if the new stuff is better than what I am doing now. Sadly I missed the Garage Gym Athlete program sign ups by about a week and may get in on the next round when available but I am not sure I want to pay $50 a month for programming as what I do now costs $20 a month. 


Anyone on here get in on the first group for Garage Athlete? Is this another 12 week program like Accelerate or is this something you see yourself doing for the rest of your life? 

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#7 Burl Hardy

Burl Hardy


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Posted 08 December 2015 - 01:26 PM

Crew - I think I asked the wrong question... It's not that I was questioning the effectiveness of OMOB when I said "do I need..."


My confusion was whether or not OMOB would still be the strength program or if it was going to be replaced by The One Barbell Project. The email about transitioning members is what threw me off. Turns out I should have waited for the 4TH video.


You guys might be right that this is more of a product than program question, but I'm kinda of under the impression the the Barbell Project hosts the programs.


Either way, I appreciate the responses.

#8 Dragonslee



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Posted 08 December 2015 - 08:50 PM

From reading a post on the Accelerate program forum one of the coaches mentioned that everything is going to be streamlined into one site and the Daily WODs would be back. This was one of my major gripes with E03 as a whole and part of why I started looking elsewhere early this year. There is a bunch of info but none of it is connected to one another in a simple clear way. I understand they are finally correcting this issue and hope it works well. I do wish they would have used an existing platform (Beyond the Whiteboard, Train Heroic) to release the daily WODs and future programs instead of trying to reinvent the wheel so to speak based on what I saw in the promo video for Garage Athlete. 

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