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Posted 03 September 2013 - 04:21 AM

About a year and a half ago I stopped taking my fish oil and my multi vitamin, probably two years since any whey protein. I know I should probably at least be on the multi, but I truly cannot tell any difference in the way I feel or in my energy during and after I WOD.

Basically I want to know what everyone is doing on the supplement side. Currently I'm 210 lbs @ 6'. I was at 248 when I started crossfit in December of 2011. My diet has been pretty "clean" (poor man's paleo) at the house, but still hit the Subway, Zaxby's, Moe's thing when the family seems to be chasing dance & baseball practice with for the kids. I'm in the box Monday thru Thursday mornings at 6 AM, and mix in either Friday afternoons or Saturday mornings depending on my son's baseball schedule.

Adding muscle or losing weight aren't goals of mine. I'm about becoming healthier, stronger & faster, the aforementioned will take care of itself, at least that is my mentality. All that said, I'm very curious what y'all are doing. Are there one or two things I should be doing as a human being, not just as a crossfit athlete?

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Posted 05 September 2013 - 10:37 PM

Most of Fish Oil's benefit comes from normalizing the ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 PUFAs stored in our cells to something approaching 1:1. Both PUFAs play beneficial roles in the body when at appropriate ratios, but Omega 6 is by far the more prevalent in most diets. It is an accumulative effect based on restoring proper ratios (slightly simplified). Although there might be some slight stimulant effect from Omega 3 supplementation, this usually isn't realized until the body is very close to the proper accumulation ratio and even then is minor. Probably not going to affect the way you feel during or after your WODs.


Multivitamins are a good idea as a 'backstop' to ensure any deficiencies in diet are covered, but aren't absolutely necessary if your nutrition is really dialed in with a wide variety of foods.


Whey protein--or any protein supplement--is only necessary if you aren't getting sufficient protein from your food. How much that is, of course, depends on your health, goals, current bodyweight, activity level, etc. 


Honestly, none of the three are going to show many benefits to your WODs directly. If you feel good without them, have good energy levels throughout the day, don't suffer from any vitamin or mineral deficiency systems, and don't show any signs of an immune issue, you probably don't need them. That said, probably won't hurt you, either. Caveats: iron toxicity can be an issue for men if included in a vitamin and the man gets a significant amount of iron in his diet; some other vitamins and minerals can reach toxic levels but this is not common.


My supps:


-Carlson's Finest liquid fish oil: .5g per percent bodyfat. Precision Nutrition recommends 1g/percent BF for 14 days then .5g after that. Important to note that it is 1g fish oil and not 1g EPA/DHA--that would be a lot of fish oil. I think Carlson's is about 5g per tablespoon so dosing is extremely easy.


-Carlson's Super Daily liquid vitamin d3: 2000iu in summer, 4000iu in winter. I am very pale and prone to burning so I use sunblock, added to the fact that as a Soldier I am always almost fully covered when I am in the sun. 


-OptiMen Multivitamin: cheap and does the job.


-Tier 1 preworkout: I like the guys at Citadel Nutrition so I stick with this. Never a huge fan of preworkouts but this one has a clean boost and honest label. Really, though, the reason I still take it is because I would take beta-alanine and creatine anyway based on my goals, so it is just convenient to get it in my preworkout.


-Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey: I almost never use this but if there are hectic days when I just can't get good calories in the afternoon post-lift, I will have a shake and an apple or something. I get shaky--wait that's a pun!--if I don't have lunch. 


There are other supps that I have advised folks to take based on what I see with their nutrition, but this is what I am taking now. Greens supplements are said to have benefits, but I eat a variety of vegetables and take a multi, plus I haven't tried one that tastes good enough to take.


Didn't realize this was getting so long. Sorry about that. Hope I at least answered part of your question.

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